Practice while you play!!


Did you know that people have an extraordinary ability to recognize patterns?  

WordConnex is not just a memorization app. It uses everyone's natural talent for pattern recognition to help you learn phonics, spelling and word meanings.  

WordConnex is a very powerful, first of its kind, educational application.

Students sort words to learn about spelling and vocabulary.  Word sorting is a researched based learning activity that helps students discover patterns.   With WordConnex, students are exposed to many different types of words and they have fun while learning. 

Players first see and hear the word. When the word is dragged it makes a sound. WordConnex takes advantage of touch screen technology to encourage kinesthetic (physical) learning. 

WordConnex features:

  • A simple interface with instructions for each level
  • Three levels of complexity
  • At least 20  exercises within each level
  • More than 60 word sorts with over a thousand words in this release
  • Designed for students in grades 2 - 6 but anyone can have fun and learn with word sorting
  • THe Selection screen allows you to choose the sorts that you want to do.
  • A preference screen allows you to turn timers and sound on and off and much more!
    (See the "screenshots" page on this website for more information about preferences.

New Version 1.2.2 features:

  • New Holiday lists.
  • Settings can now be changed in the application.
  • New Instructions screen.

WordConnex was designed with every student in mind.  Involving many senses in the learning process is the best way to absorb information. Therefore, this game allows students to hear, see, and touch words.

WordConnex was designed by a teacher with many years of experience in the classroom. She also has a masters degree in educational technology. The word sorts were created with the latest common core standards in mind. Wordconnex was written by a computer programmer with more than 25 years experience.

We have corrected the spelling of Hanukkah.

Future plans:

 Teachers, parents and students will have the ability to input their own lists of words to learn. 

© 2011 Frank Nichols & Shirley Sharp